Friday, April 4, 2008

Hyderabadi Qabuli with Baingan Boorani- Bihari Mashed Potato Sabzi

by Priyanka posted at 9:34 PM 6 comments

Bihari Mashed Alu

Baingan Boorani

Hyderabadi Qabuli

Qabuli with Boorani

I first came across these recipes on Anita's blog A Mad Tea Party. What attracted me to it in the first place were the mouthwatering pictures of the Baingan Boorani. Bookmarking it in my mind (yes i am too lazy about doing it any other way, be it recipes or any other things that need to be remembered), i forgot all about it (of course i would) until leafing through Madhur Jaffrey's book "A Taste of India" yesterday at the library. Whenever i go through recipes on other blogs or cookbooks, i kind of try to imagine in my mind as to how they would taste or turn out and most of the times my hunches turn out right on the mark. And thats what happened in the case of the Boorani too. Nothing marries as beautifully with the Qabuli as the Boorani- in fact, it is better than any raita. The flavor of the fried onions is what makes this dish so unique in its taste.

I made the Boorani with a couple of changes. I also added some cumin powder to the dish with only a little garlic (3 cloves) added to the mix.

I referred to Bee and Jai's recipe (Jugalbandi) for the Qabuli but made it with a couple of changes too. I added only a few mint leaves (5-6) because i thought that a lot would overpower the taste of the other ingredients and i skipped on the veggies for the same reason. The Qabuli is so full of flavors that it can be had plain without any accompaniments. And the best thing of all- its very healthy and tasty.

I also tried out Anita's Bihari mashed alu sabzi- yes it has calories but it is very tasty and can be made in a jiffy in under 10 minutes if you already have the potatoes boiled).

Check out Anita's blog for some more tasty recipes like

Modur Poluv
Al Yakhni
Baakar Bhaji
Twisted Dalia
Tomato chutney
Mujj Chatin
Doon Pudin Chatin
Punjabi kadhi pakore-wali
Punjabi Chole
Quinoa Soup with Spinach and pumpkin

Yes these are a few of them on my to-cook list.

Comments 6 comments
SHUBHA said...

hey priyanka... the qabuli looks amazing.. will surely try it out...
thanx for visiting my blog and for ur lovely comments...u asked about the mustard greens....
I got the mustard greens from Value Plus here in Los angeles. You will get it in any major grocery or vegetable store across US... Or even in any farmer's market.I havent seen it in any indian stores here too..check in local stores...Good luck!

easycrafts said...

You have been quite busy with all these lovely dishes i guess

evolvingtastes said...

As always, everything looks lovely. Isn't the boorani just smashing? It became a hit at our place and something I make again and again. btw, if you wish, you can try baking/shallow frying the eggplant too, that's what I do. The Qabuli has been on my (looong) list too.

Nupur said...

That looks like one perfect meal, Priyankag! Anita just has the most incredible recipes, doesn't she?
I love that baingan boorani, and now you have reminded me to try the qabooli too.

KayKat said...

Anita's recipes rock! That baingan looks insanely good, and I'm even hungrier now!

Sagari said...

what a deleciouss recipes ,yummy food priyanka

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