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Alu-Shimla Mirch Sabzi, Kairi-kanda salad, Aai's Dal Fry

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I usually try out new dishes when i run out of veggies or options for cooking the regular square meal or when i have the time...during weekends. However, on a daily basis the usual dal-chawal-roti-sabzi-raita/salad is what comprises a meal for us. Yesterday was one such day when i ran out of veggies except for some potatoes in my pantry and bell peppers in my fridge, so to use it up and clean up my pantry and fridge, i decided to cook up some really yummy alu-capsicum sabzi. Believe me, despite all the dishes/cuisines that we try at home or outside, the everyday meal is ultimately the food that is most satisfying to our palate.

Alu- Shimla Mirch Sabzi (Potato-green peppers/capsicum vegetable)

Serves 4

3 green bell peppers
4 small russet potatoes- boiled and cubed
1/4th tsp chili powder
salt to taste

For tempering
1/2 tsp cumin seeds
3 green chilies chopped
1/3 tsp turmeric
a pinch of asafoetida

1. Heat oil in a pan, add the cumin and when they pop, add the turmeric, asafoetida and chilies.
2. Saute for a couple of minutes and add the green bell peppers.
3. Add salt and let cook till they are almost done.
4. Add in the boiled and cubed potatoes, mix well and cook till both the potatoes and peppers are completely done.
5. Garnish with coriander (optional) and serve hot with rotis.

Aai's Dal Fry

This was the only Dal fry recipe i knew till i started cooking myself. This is my mom's way of making some fingerlicking dal fry- its very simple and plain- and doesnt use a lot of ingredients.

Serves 4


1 cup toor dal/yellow split peas
salt to taste
1/3tsp turmeric
a pinch of asafoetida
8-10 curry leaves
1 inch piece of ginger-finely chopped
1/2 lime
4-5 tbsp coriander-chopped
3 green chilies finely chopped

For tempering

2 tbsp ghee
1/2 tsp cumin seeds
1/4th tsp turmeric
5-6 curry leaves
2 chilies-chopped

1. Boil the toor dal in a pressure cooker. Blend it in a blender and add 3 cups water.
2. Add salt, chopped ginger, chilies, curry leaves, turmeric and asafoetida and let it boil till it starts to thicken.
3. Heat ghee separately, add the cumin seeds and when they splutter, add the turmeric, asafoetida, curry leaves and chillies.
4. Add this tempering to the dal mixture and boil for 5 more minutes.
5. Add the coriander and lime juice and boil for 10 more minutes. If it gets too thick add a little water.
6. Serve hot with rice or paratha and sabzi.

Kairi Kanda (raw mango-onion salad)

Heres a perfect recipe for a summer salad. Usually, i do not prefer the fresh salads that you get here in the U.S. ( i know they are good for health, but.....they are too bland for my taste). I prefer something that has some spice in it. So heres something to ward off the heat wave. This marathi koshimbir is served specially during the summers, since the onion and raw mango helps stave of the heat waves or so it is believed. Its usually served with roti as a side dish and tastes sweet but tangy. Believe me, just give it a try and you will love it for ever.

Serves 4
1 raw mango- grated (kacchi kairi)
1 small onion (grated)
salt to taste
2 tsp jaggery to taste (more or less as per your taste)
1/4 tsp chili powder

1. Mix all the ingredients and marinate for 1/2 hour. Keep in the refrigerator. Serve cold.

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easycrafts said...

why dont you send your kairi kanda salad to my event theme of Sun n perfectly suits the theme and all the other recipes looks so good

evolvingtastes said...

Priyanka, all those things seem to have such a home-y goodness! And it even looks like such a balanced and planned meal.

Richa said...

hmmm, so i was right, i did say onion + sour ;)
dal fry looks good, simple comfort food.

angel said...

wow what wonderful recipes! a complete meal.i ws looking for sum nice veg recipes this whole platter was jus' amazing. thankz

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