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Dudhina Thepla and A Meme

by Priyanka posted at 10:40 PM 23 comments

Well, if you did not understand the first two words of my post title, they simply stand for Bottle Gourd/ Lauki/Dudhi Parathas in Gujarati. One of the favorite Gujarati dishes which serves pretty well for breakfast/ brunch or snacks are the theplas. These Indian flat breads are made using veggies like bottle gourd or fenugreek (methi), with some spices thrown in for enhancing the flavor.

So what do you need for the theplas?

Makes 12-14 theplas


1-1/2 cup grated dudhi/bottle gourd
2 cups whole wheat flour
3-4 tbsp yoghurt/3 tbsp lemon juice
salt to taste
1/2 tsp sugar
1/2 tsp chili powder
1/3 tsp turmeric powder

To be ground into paste

5 green chilies
2 inch piece of ginger

1. Add 1-2 tsp of oil to the flour and mix well.

2. Mix the wheat flour, salt, sugar, turmeric and chili powder and again mix the flour well (add the dry ingredients before you add the rest or the spices wont be mixed uniformly).

3. Add the youghurt/lemon juice (yoghurt is preferred), ginger-green chili paste and grated dudhi and with a little water (you probably wont need much since the aforementioned ingredients will provide the wetness) knead into a soft but firm dough (like you would for a wheat paratha). Grease some oil onto the dough and leave it covered for 30 minutes.

4. Make small balls out of the kneaded dough, apply some wheat flour to it and roll it out as you would a paratha.

5. Gently place it onto a heated skillet/tava lightly greased with some oil and cook it till you see brown spots on one side. Flip it over to the other side, apply some more oil and remove when you see brown spots on the other side too.

6. Serve with pickle, chutney or youghurt.

Traditionally theplas are served with golkeri (sweet mango pickle) or chundo (sweet and tangy mango pickle).

My first Meme!!! Time to reveal some tidbits or to be specific, 7 of them, since i have been tagged by the lovely Tee. And here it goes:

1. I love the first snow of the season(and the first one only people- after that it gets a little frustrating, trudging through the snow to school everyday or being caught up in the snow storm)- when its all snow white and soft. I love making angels in the snow and having snow fights. But those days are gone since i moved from New York to Florida a year ago.

2. I hate Maths and Physics. Boy!!! Was my father glad (although it meant that i had to stay in a hostel away from home)when i chose pharmacy instead of engineering- i stood second in the university but barely managed to pass mathematics. OK... i do know 2+2 =

3. I am P's second wife. P is religiously devoted to his first wife of 5 years.... his beloved Laptop. How can a mere girl come between a man and his dear laptop? Naturewise and professionally, P and i are poles apart (he's a software techie and i am technologically challenged!!! duh). I say East and he says West, but we somehow manage to chug along fine. Now, who was it that said "Opposites Attract"?

4. I love the spring season, the fall colours, animals and birds..... i dream of having a garden of my own and a cute little dog too...

5. I love to read (prefer fiction to non-fiction), crochet(havent had the time to catch up on both lately)and watch cartoons (some favorites are Tom and Jerry, Ducktales).

6. My best friend is my younger sis (its always been just the two of us) with whom i share each and everything. She is just a year younger to me, rebelious, mischievous and smart and naturewise, again- a total antithesis to me. I miss..... no not her.... but rather the fights that we used to have ....

7. I am scared of lizards and dentists.... in no particular order.
And now i in turn tag Raaga, Dhana, Sia, and Sukanya. Play along if you have the time and inclination..... If you have already been tagged please ignore.

Comments 23 comments
archana said...

Loved reading your meme :) I am scared of lizards too . Are there any in Florida ? Even I call the Newspaper second wife :)))

Dee said...

Hey I love thepla, I always wanted to learn to make them and there is a gujju aunty whom I buy them from whenever i have the urge to eat! It was great to read ur meme. Nice to know abt you!

Sia said...

u r scared of dentists??? he he he... me too(just the profession) but i love my dentists a lot coz both my dad n sis are dentists;) enjoyed reading ur meme prinyanka. and thanks for tagging me:)

Sunshine said...

:) somehow I knew all of them except for the second wifey part! Just reiterated that we think along similar lines!!

Priyanka said...

They say ignorance is bliss. Had i known florida was teaming with tons of lizards i would have never moved here. But alas...

Thanks a lot. I enjoyed writing it too.

i know- have been to dentists more time than i can count (blame the dark chocolates i have eaten).... now lets see, wats the number i can count upto.... well, it will take a long time,but u got the drift. and u r welcome.

Priyanka said...

yupeee, that we do.

Asha said...

Hahaha!! 'Second wife' stumped me,I had to close my open jaw manually after I read it's just his Laptop!!!!!Phew!!!;D
Arvind is into his music like that,I can say it's my rival too!:))
Theplas looks so delicious.Thank you.

Priyanka said...

thanks for dropping by. my empathies are with you and all i can say is that i m stumped by his laptop:)

Sunshine said...

PS: I liked he older layout better, with darker colors, this kind of looks bland, like aahar without spices :)

Anonymous said...

love theplas...yes indeed a great gujarati recipe...i posted methi na thepla awhile back...dudhi tastes great too...thx

Sharmi said...

that lovely thepla is new to me. looks delicious and is a lovely recipe.

Richa said...

hey, thepla looks yum! mala theple pharach avadtat,ani bharpur varieties karta yetat :)
nice to know more @ u, mala pan dentist chi bhiti ahey :(
ani yes, fadani khichadi ekdum jabardast ahey, one of my fav :)

Dhana said...

Hate lizards and dentists....ughh me too! Fun meme!

Anupama said...

Dear Priyanka,

You have a lovely blog. I haven't yet gone thru it entirely but what struck me at first was your beautiful template. How do you guys manage to create such beautiful templates. I am such a dud at these things

Jyothsna said...

Haha... second wife... i can say that too :)

Coffee said...

U are scared of dentists??? I am one! ;) LOL... very nice meme and loved knowing about you. Doodhi na thepla looks amazing. :)

Sandeepa said...

Fun Meme to read. You have a lovely blog here

Laavanya said...

Hi Priyanka - this is my first time in your blog.. Thanks for your comment on mine.
I've not heard of dhoodhi thepla before... it looks great! :) Thanks for a great recipe.
Nice Meme there and good to know more about you. My husband too is fused to his laptop! :)

Sig said...

Hey Priyanka, loved the meme, :) Second wife bit was hilarious :D

Mallugirl said...

i love theplas too!! haven't tried it dudhi, but make it very often with all kinds of green u add bajra flour to this?nice meme, and nice to know someone actually misses snow and cleaning driveways!

Neelam said...

Hi Priyanka enjoyed reading your meme, you have a nice sense of humour too! And I like theplas too!

Anonymous said...

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Scoobie said...

Hi... nice recipes... just happened to come accross ur blog while searching for methi debra recipe.... really nice... looking forward for some more gujrati style recipes from you... my question to you... i have prepared thelpas n number of times but realise they turn hard and i dont see the oil or the well done theplas.. mine normally turn dry... once put on the skillet... i dont pour oil religiously t cook it on the skillet though... but i think the trick is in making the dough??

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