Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Coming back soon

by Priyanka posted at 4:10 PM 10 comments

THe past month or two have been really hectic. But now i can breathe in peace since i just finished my finals. WHew!!!! what a crazy week it has been. Am coming back soon with some really yummy recipes straight from......India and from my mom. Yes i am going to India this week and will be posting from there. I really missed out on visiting all your wonderful blogs and all the events but rest assured i will be back soon:)

Comments 10 comments
evolvingtastes said...

Yaay! Look forward to some amazing things from you. Take lots of pictures in India, relax, and have fun.

Kajal said...

Enjoy your vacation in India my dear. Wait for your post and if you don’t get time for post then enjoy the life my dear. We will understand you. If you don’t mind I ask opne question. In which city you come here? If you near to Gujarat the we will meet. Take care and enjoy.

Happy cook said...

Have a great holiday in India.
Will be looking forward for all the post you are going to do frm there

Sandeepa said...

Good now you have almost amonths vacation !!!!

Mandira said...

have fun in India and come back with lots more recipes. Have a wonderful holiday.

Manasi said...

ENJOY ur vacation an d Maa ke haath ka khana!!! Come back with loads of AWESOME recipes and tips!!!

Anonymous said...

See you there!

Tee said...

hey, take your deserve it and have a great vacation with your family. :)

Priyanka said...

Hey Kajal, sorry couldnt get back to you earlier. I am from Ahmedabad. Let me know if you are visiting sometime and we can surely meet up.

TBC said...

Happy Holidays, Priyanka!

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