Sunday, August 26, 2007

Thai-Lychee Salad with Peanut or lime-ginger dressing

by Priyanka posted at 12:27 AM 13 comments

OK this salad was supposed to be my entry to AFAM:Lychee but the truth is it wouldnt have been fair to the lychees. The reason: the salad with the dressings was awesome but the taste of lychees was undermined the rest of the ingredients. A few lesser ingredients would have worked out just perfect (for the lychees i mean). Now you would ask me- what stopped me from trying out the other version? Well, i asked P to open up the lychee can for me..... and little did i know that P digs on lychees and before i knew he had finished off the rest of the can. Off i went to Whole Foods the next day dragging P along with me (his punishment for having finished off the lychees) only to find that all the lychee cans had disappeared off the shelves and arent available as of today. Thus ends my affair with lychee.
Updated 08/27/07
Sig was kind enough to let me submit this recipe for the AFAM:Lychee event, so off it goes to the lovely Sig at Live to Eat

Now onto the recipe

1 cup lettuce

1/2 cup grated carrots

1/2 can lychees (in my opinion 1 can would work better)

2 tsp cashews (roasted)

2 tsp peanuts (roasted)

3 pieces oranges

1/2 cup red, green and yellow pepper chopped

salt to taste

1/3 tsp sugar

For the lime dressing

3 tsp grated ginger

2 tsp lime juice

For the peanut dressing

3 tsp peanut butter

2 tsp vinegar (Ching's- u will find it at an Indian store)

1 tsp soy sauce (Ching's)

2 tsp grated ginger

2 tsp minced garlic

2 tbs chopped shallots

chili flakes

1. Toss all the ingredients together, pour the dressing and serve cold.

The lychees can be best had with only the lettuce, peppers and the lime-ginger dressing.

If you just want to enjoy the thai salad, you can enjoy it simply without the oranges and lychee and with the peanut dressing- one of the best salads i have ever had.

Comments 13 comments
Asha said...

Aahar=Priyanka,I have got it now!:D
Lychee salad looks refreshing and yum! I loved the Pattal Bhaji too,drooling!!

archana said...

This is looking gr8.You could have sent this for the event :)
Combination of ingredients look unique. Mala tar awadi recipe :)

Vcuisine said...

Priyanka it is refreshing. Salads are always welcome to any meal. Nice entry. Viji

sra said...

Priyanka, that's a very nice-looking creative salad, never thought of lychees and salad together!

Sig said...

lol, thats a nice story, but sure you can send it to me for AFAM, it does have lychees after all!! The salad looks fabulous by the way priyanka!

Sharmi said...

oh I can have lychees anytime anywhere. I have not tried canned one . salad looks very refreshing.

Mary said...

Yummy! Fresh or canned, lychees are one of my favorite fruits. My mother likes to add lychees to salads too.

Richa said...

that looks yum, quite a unique combo!
chan varieties try kartes!

Sia said...

LOL... thats why i open all the cans myself:)

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

Hi Priyanka....
This salad is looking awesome... Smart idea....So clean and fresh...Lovel it...

Sandeepa said...

The salad looks very good with or without the lychees :) That peanut dressing I love, but never tried at home

Mansi Desai said...

Nice salad priyanka...but I know what you mean by the taste of lychee being drownoed by the dressing!! i've done that many times myself..but good that you tried something diff!!!

SHUBHA said...

I loved ur lychee salad..... where do u get lychee here in US any idea? i miss it so much here... hmmm i have added u in my blog roll... add me up in urs too..:) keep visiting my blog and give me ur comments...:D

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